Justin Rowling

Tell us about yourself:
Justin Rowling, Justo if I'm not at work.

What would your perfect day look like?
The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. I wake, fresh from a full nights sleep, at 5am. Out on the road bike for a quick ride with my mates, watch the sun rise during that ride. Smashed the ride. "The Legs" feel strong today. Quick coffee and then back home for breakfast with my wife and daughters. Enjoy the morning with family time, its a warm day so my wife and I take our two daughters to the beach. Back from the beach and its time to race! Smash out a cyclocross race around midday, friends and family cheering me on. Even better if I manage a podium finish. Enjoy some good times with mates after the race and a recovery ale or three. Reload the legs, swap bikes and hit the mountain bike trails for a dusk ride. Jumps, whips, skids and good times with good mates. Sneaky pint at the pub before its time to head home. Walking is now an effort, and a good sign I've ridden hard today! Time to spend evening chilling with my wife and kids and relax.
If that's too long:
Eat. Ride. Sleep. Repeat.

What two wheeled sports are you involved in?
Road cycling. Basically I let myself go after I gave up downhill. Got a bit too fat for my liking so I decided to do something about it. Getting back into some type of riding was the way to go. Shredded the weight and found a love of round riding.

How did you get involved in the sport?
Mountain Biking: I've always ridden mountain bikes in some form for as long as I can remember. At the moment thats mostly trail riding. I do the occasional enduro, and sometimes an endurance event like the Dwellingup dusk-til-dawn.
Cyclocross: I looked at that discipline for ages thinking "it just doesn't make sense". And then I tried it. A local race on a loaner bike, and I was hooked. Can't get enough of it now!

How many bikes do you have?
Five at the moment.

What is your favourite Pushie brand/component?
Bombtrack Hook!!

Got any top tips for aspiring young riders?
First and most importantly; riding should always be fun!
If you want to compete then you've got to push your own limits. Ride with guys that are faster than you; you will get faster. Move up a grade; the competition will push you harder.
Don't forget to train for whatever discipline it is; natural talent will only get you so far.

What are your upcoming goals?
Transition from B grade into A grade in the Numbat Cup series. Maybe there's a national champs race on the cards too...