Mucky Nutz

Mucky Nutz has been protecting vital parts since 2009 and by developing new ideas and improving on existing ones, we have become a global brand with product distribution in over 30 countries.

From our early offerings, developed in a garden shed in Yorkshire (yes, that is the actual one), to the range of products developed at our new base in Cornwall, we are no doubt best known for our design protected mudguards.

Light, discreet, yet very effective, our guards are the original flexible guards and are used and endorsed by many pro DH and Enduro teams and riders, but are available to everyone in a variety of forms and colours.

Our aim is simple, it's to protect everyone's vital parts through simple and effective designs. To achieve this we encourage feedback and an exchange of ideas with our customers and biking community, so that we're kept well informed about the demands on our products and riding in general.

And it just so happens that we love the work we do and hope our products and service reflect this.

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