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It could be argued, “racing is life”, and every one of us was born to win. The simple fact that you exist means you have already won the first and most important race of all. But, why "Spank"? Your first adrenaline rush was just moments from birth, when that all important spank on the bum kick-started your vitals and made you an adrenaline junkie for life. Spank Industries aims to free your mind and trigger that rush every time you ride your bike!

Spank Industries started as the brainchild of South African designer and manufacturer Gavin Michael Vos, and German distributor Sven Mack. Their goal was to create the perfect symbiosis of weight optimization, enhanced performance, and cutting edge style... And to do it at affordable prices! Today Spank is one of very few brands our size in the world, with in-house design, development, testing, and production of our complete line of unique and exclusive components!

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