Aaron Leagas

Tell us about yourself:
Hi I’m Aaron Leagas, 17 years old from Narrogin, Western Australia and have been riding downhill for three years.

What would your perfect day look like?
A perfect day to me world be not crashing and finishing on the podium.
Getting asked/told I get to race a world cup.
A perfect day to me would be racing a world cup and getting a podium finish.

What two wheeled sports are you involved in?
Other two wheeled sports I enjoy doing are motocross, bmx and enduro

How did you get involved in the sport?
I got envolved in sport when we were on a holiday in Albany and happened to see bikes on the back of utes which seemed to look a lot like motorbikes with out engines and wondered wether there was an event on at Mt Clarence, sure enough there was. So I registered to give it ago and loved it after the first couple of runs.

How many bikes do you have?
At the moment I have four bikes:
Morewood Makulu (Downhill)
Morewood Sakuma (Enduro)
Giant STP 1 (Dirt Jump)
Eastern Asesino (Skate Park/Dirt Jump)

What is your favourite Pushie brand/component?
My favourite brand would be Morewood as these bikes give you so much confidence to ride fast, as well as take lines you might not ride on other bikes because it feels hard to loose traction.

Got any top tips for aspiring young riders?
If you want something work hard for it.

What are your upcoming goals?
My goals for next year are to be in the top five Elite in Western Australia.
My goals for Nationals are a top 30 finish in Elite.