The best riding is off the beaten track, on that road – or path – to who knows where.

Our bikes will take you to those places, fulfill your curiosities and make you remember why going for a ride is one of life’s most brilliant experiences. Because a life without bikes really is no life at all.

“Drop bars don’t always mean tarmac. ‘Normal riding’ shouldn’t be a definition of accepted limits.”

That’s the description we gave our original Croix de Fer back in 2009 and it’s a philosophy we’ve followed ever since.

At Genesis we have a history of doing things our own way, whether that’s making bikes we want to ride, or heading in a direction that might seem a little crazy at the time. We started making gravel bikes years ago, way before they were called gravel bikes. Our Croix de Fer or the Datum were designed to do a bit of everything, because that’s what we liked to do. Sometimes you fancy a ride on the road, sometimes a gravel track, towpath or even a section of singletrack comes along and you want to see where it goes, and when that happens you need a bike that’s going to match your ambition. There’s no point in venturing off the beaten path if your dreams outstrip your two-wheeled companion.

We are not material snobs here at Genesis. We believe you can make brilliant bikes from steel, aluminium, carbon or titanium – and that’s exactly what we try to do.

We are however, very particular about making sure that the materials we use are the very best available to us. Whether we are making frames with our own Mjolnir Chromoly, Reynolds 931 or 853 tubesets or even the stunning 3AL-2.5V double-butted Titanium, we choose the best materials for the job.

That’s the only way we can be sure the bike is as good as it can possibly be. We’re proud to say that Reynolds has played a major part in how our bikes and ranges have developed over time. For over ten years we’ve worked closely with their engineers to utilise beautiful and high-functioning tubesets that have made bikes like the Croix de Fer and Volare possible.

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1 Lonsdale Street Cycles ACT
2 Metro Cycles NSW
3 The Bikesmith & Espresso Bar NSW
4 Bio-Mechanics Cycles SA
5 Jetnikoff Bicycle Co VIC
6 Bicycle Junction Wellington NZ

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