Located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, Controltech USA produced its first bike product – a lightweight bar end – in 1989. It wasn’t long before we developed an enviable reputation for expertise with aluminum. We quickly became famous for crafting light, strong and cleverly-designed bicycle components from a range of high-spec alloys.

After some time away from European markets, Controltech USA returned in 2005 with new MTB and Road component lines. The result? Impressive demand. In 2007-2008, we further expanded our lineup to include Road, MTB and new BMX components.

During all that time, we haven’t stood still for a second. Over the decades, Controltech has pushed hard into new materials including scandium, titanium and carbon fiber, always in search of the ultimate performance. Anywhere you look in our cutting-edge mountain bike line or our successful, high-end road bike groups, you find an unwavering commitment to the defining Controltech philosophy: Reliability, Ingenuity, Quality and Value.

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