Cycle Star Nanotech Chain Lubricant

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Cycle Star Nanotech Chain Lubricant 30ml 30ml
Cycle Star Nanotech Chain Lubricant 15ml 15ml


The materials-based approach to fighting friction and keeping your drivetrain clean. Cycle Star Nanotech lubricant is an expertly blended combination of the most advanced laser-produced super-hard nano and softer micro carbon particles to ever come out of a laboratory. Such high specificity gives our lubricant the same watt-saving qualities as today's best nano-optimized chains, though is user-applicable and lasts twice as long: 800-1200km+ in dry and 1000km+ in wet conditions. One 30ml bottle provides 75-90 applications.
This is not only a coating like other lubricants, Cycle Star Nanotech lubricant permanently improves the metallic surface structure of your drivetrain, providing performance and longevity improvements like no other lubricant.
Carried in a lightweight synthetic oil, our mixture of hard nano and soft micro particles is 100% non toxic and contains no wax, teflon or other chemical additives.
The result is a pedalling experience thatƒ??s quite beyond explanation, noticeably smoother after just a few pedals strokes, and unbelievably clean even after hundreds of km.
Cycle Star Nanotech is the lubricant of choice for the Holowesko|Citadel Race Team.

  • 1000km+ From a Single Application
  • Smooths Drivetratin Surfaces and Permanently Fills Microscopic Gaps
  • Nano Particles Act as Ball Bearings Between Surfaces
  • Physically and Statically Repells Dirt
Brand Cycle Star
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CYC-133054291336 30ml
CYC-133075726695 15ml

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