Bombtrack Parts - Derailleur Hanger

Model 2019 2018 2017 2016
Arise     BOM-45125080118 BOM-015
Arise 2 BOM-45125080118 BOM-45125080118    
Arise Geared BOM-45125120118      
Arise Geared   BOM-45125080118 BOM-45125080118  
Arise Tour BOM-45125120118 BOM-45125120118    
Audax BOM-45125110118 113    
Audax AL BOM-45125020119      
Beyond BOM-45125110118   BOM-45125160118 BOM-45125160118
Beyond 1   BOM-45125110118    
Beyond XPD   BOM-45125110118    
Beyond+     BOM-45125170118  
Beyond+ 1 BOM-45125170118 BOM-45125170118    
Beyond+ 2 BOM-45125170118 BOM-45125170118    
Beyond+ ADV BOM-45125170118 BOM-45125170118    
Hook 1 BOM-45125120118 BOM-45125120118 BOM-45125120118 BOM-45125120118
Hook 2 BOM-45125110118 BOM-45125110118 BOM-45125110118 BOM-45125120118
Hook 3   BOM-45125010119 BOM-45125010119 BOM-45125010119
Hook ADV BOM-45125110118      
Hook AL   BOM-45125130118    
Hook EXT BOM-45125110118 BOM-45125110118 BOM-45125110118  
Hook EXT-C BOM-45125150118 BOM-45125150118    
Hook WMN BOM-45125110118 BOM-45125110118    
Needle N/A N/A N/A N/A
Outlaw N/A N/A BOM-015  
Outlaw 1 N/A N/A    
Outlaw 2 N/A N/A    
Tempest BOM-45125110118 BOM-45125110118 BOM-45125120118 BOM-45125120118
Tempest Disc     BOM-45125110118  
Tempest WMN BOM-45125110118 BOM-45125050118    
Tempest-C BOM-45125110118 BOM-45125230118    
Tension 1 BOM-45125020119      
Tension 2 BOM-45125020119      
Tension 3 BOM-45125010119      
Brand Bombtrack
SKU Size / Colour Barcode
BOM-45125170118 #N/A
BOM-45125130118 4055822049023
BOM-015 #N/A
BOM-45125080118 #N/A
BOM-45125150118 #N/A
BOM-45125230118 #N/A
BOM-45125110118 4055822049009
BOM-45125120118 #N/A
BOM-45125160118 #N/A
BOM-45125040118 #N/A
BOM-45125010119 4055822061186

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