Ass Saver Big

  Size/Colour RRP
Ass Saver Fender Big Boom Room Boom Room
Ass Saver Fender Big Milky Way Mayhem Milky Way Mayday
Ass Saver Fender Big Spacy Crazy Spacy Crazy
Ass Saver Fender Big Black Black
Ass Saver Fender Big Blue Blue
Ass Saver Fender Big Red Red
Ass Saver Fender Big White White
Ass Saver Fender Big Yellow Yellow

  • Keeps your butt free from mud
  • New patent pending FLIP-TIPƒ?½ attachment system
  • Easy to mount, requires no tools
  • Fits every standard rail saddle, also with carbon rails
  • Suitable for tire widths between 30-50 mm

Designed especially for wide tires, the Ass Savers Big is here to protect you from mud and dirt all day long. Use it with your MTB, gravel bike or your daily commuter, it doesn't care!
The new FLIP-TIPƒ?½ lock mechanism will ensure that your Ass Saver Big will stay put no matter how rough roads you ride. Totally redesigned, it's stronger, longer and more colorful than ever before.
Have no doubt, the fourth generation of Ass Savers is your new best friend. Easy to hook up with, never being a burden and always there to cover your back, no matter what.

Don't be fooled by the simple appearance. There's thousands of brain hours behind the design of the Ass Saver. Below you can dig deeper into our world.

Front rail attachment
Since 2014 all Ass Savers attach to the front saddle rails only, ahead of the seat post attachment. The advantage with this solution is that saddles are more uniform in this area and we can therefore provide a proper fit to a much wider range of saddles.
Attaching only to the front rails makes the Ass Saver self centering. If you accidentally kick it without noticing, it will strive to regain it's centered position. This is one of the key innovations in saddle mudguard technology and is therefore protected under a pending patent No. SE PRV 1750201-4

Using origami principles, the patent pending FLIP-TIPƒ?½ technology allows you to securely fasten the Ass Saver to the saddle with a simple flip of the tip, just like a cycling cap. To unlock, just flip the tip back down and pull backwards.

Carbon Rails
The FLIP-TIPƒ?½ technology is fully compatible with all types of carbon saddle rails.

Saddle Bag Compability
The new Ass Saver is a lot easier to install with a saddle bag than previous models. While we can't guarantee a perfect fit with all saddle bags, great improvements hav been made with considerably less interference as a result.

More Protection
The Ass Saver has grown almost a centimeter, offering even more back protection. It should still be seen as a complement to full fenders but the extra centimeter makes a big difference up your back.

Fold For Storage
The horisontal scoring line enables you to fold the Ass Saver for easy storage in a jersey pocket or bag. To store folded underneath the saddle is also possible but requires trimming to your specific saddle. This is easily done with a pair of kitchen scissors.

The secret to transforming a flat piece of plastic into a functioning product lies in the pre-folding prior to use. All the scoring lines have been carefully engineered to achieve locking mechanisms, self centering abilities, spring loading and material endurance. Please take the time to properly read the instructions/see the instruction video to ensure the best performance.


We only use Polypropylene manufactured in Europe. Using the best quality available will ensure a long lasting and well performing Ass Saver. Lower grade plastic will easily crack or deform during use, especially when temperatures drop.


Polypropylene is one of the most common plastics and is normally used for food packaging for it's non-toxicity and ease of recycling. Most countries have a functioning recycling system for PP and our products are properly labelled to facilitate recycling.
The final products are carefully tested by an independent lab to ensure they meet the highest standards regarding toxic chemical content. All our mudguards passes both REACH and Prop 65 tests.
Packaging sucks and we avoid it as much as we can. This saves important resources in every step of the production and distribution chain and lowers the total environmental impact of our mudguards.

We manufacture all our Ass Savers in Sweden. The factory is a very modern, 14001 ISO-certified and eco award winning facility less than an hours drive from our office in Gothenburg. We are proud to say that our products are being made under some of the strictest regulations in the world regarding workers rights and environmental protection.

Brand Ass Savers
SKU Size / Colour Barcode
ASS-ASB-1-K21 Boom Room  7350072561811
ASS-ASB-1-K23 Milky Way Mayday  7350072561835
ASS-ASB-1-K22 Spacy Crazy  7350072561828
ASS-ASB-1-BLK Black  7350072560814
ASS-ASB-1-BLU Blue  7350072560845
ASS-ASB-1-RED Red  7350072560838
ASS-ASB-1-WHT White  7350072560821
ASS-ASB-1-YLW Yellow  7350072560852

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